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kind of sort of officially set up on my new account. Mostly sayin’ that coz I transferred the rules page over. so, yeup! If you’re still following this, you might want to unfollow. xD 

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Finally got my new blog somewhat set-up. I’m still working out kinks and setting up pages. But that’s why I’m on here — to get pages, snatch headcanons ad so forth.

I’ll give the link out, but mind you — I won’t be following everyone back. Don’t take it personally. I made a new blog to keep things clean and to freshen up; to regain my muse and feel as though I have a better grip on things.

Activity may still be sporadic; per usual in my chaotic home/life. I’ve been spending a great deal of time on my Rin blog as well, from Ao no Exorcist. So you may also find me there. Of course my fucking About page didn’t flipping save — piece of shifgtui5rejdiotlr.

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Same person, yet I have found Girlycard always a bit more playful.(After all probably a stolen soul corrupted) Who knows, that man can do almost everything, why not create ‘a twin’?

I can imagine Alucard getting really annoyed and just one day opens up his coffin lid dramatically and yelling fuck off.

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Before confusion arises, yes, this blog is still dead! It’s being kept for reference purposes as a sort of archive. A lot of things would be tedious to re-write. And in keeping the blog, I get to keep posts from old role plays as well!
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this is the place I choose to defend

and I’ll defend it to the

                                    e n d

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"My blood
knows you are gone

It is shouting your name

It runs
down to the ends of my fingers
looking for you"

— From This Is a Love Poem by Mary Fell (via prewars)

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follow me 4 more cool jokes

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Ermanno Scervino Details A/W ‘13

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"It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have"

James Baldwin (via bluedogeyes)
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